The strength of deWol Industries
lies in the group’s people,
quality and commitment to
sustainable innovation.

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At deWol Industries®, we firmly believe that a company's success is intricately linked to the individuals within it, who contribute with passion and dedication. We've consistently prioritized the professional development of our employees and strive to foster a dynamic and fulfilling workplace environment.

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We strive to pioneer inventive solutions, including cutting-edge products and accessories, within the realm of windows, doors, and solar shading. Our objective is to address the evolving needs of the modern world, embracing new trends while fulfilling our mission of revitalizing housing infrastructures. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, we aim to establish ourselves as a frontrunner in the industry.



Outstanding career

Dynamic customers appreciate multi-brand retailers that partner with reliable and skilled companies specializing in crafting top-notch PVC and aluminum systems for windows, doors, and facades.

Professional Development &
Inclusive Corporate Culture

We invest in our employees’ skills and competencies through ongoing education programs, learning opportunities, and professional development initiatives.
At deWol Industries®, we cherish diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds and so we foster an open and inclusive environment.

Sustainability and
social responsibility

Our business is characterized
by a concrete commitment
to corporate social responsibility
and a sustainable approach.
If you resonate with these values,
deWol Industries® is where
you can truly embody them.

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