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We are pleased to welcome you to our investor section, where we share key information on the Group’s financial performance, corporate governance, and future strategy. Here you will find a detailed overview of our financial activities and initiatives, as well as an open window into our vision and mission.

At deWol Industries, our legacy is steeped in innovation, a dedication to excellence, and an unwavering drive for sustainable progress. We are dedicated to equipping our investors and shareholders with the insights necessary to make informed choices and to grasp our ongoing efforts in fostering enduring value over the long haul.

Throughout this section, you will find updated financial data, analyst reports, investor communications, and more. We take pride in our transparency and willingness to engage with our financial stakeholders. Rest assured, we are dedicated to addressing your inquiries and furnishing precise and punctual information.

Feel free to explore this section and contact us if you require additional information or wish to connect with our Investor Relations team.

Marco Cipriano, deWol Industries CEO

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