The deWol HUBS/STUDIO serves as a
meeting point for professionals and
customers, showcasing innovative designs
and exclusive collections while advocating
for sustainable solutions.


/ 2023

The deWol HUB/STUDIO The deWol HUB/STUDIO represent contemporary architectural spaces, designed as exclusive meeting venues for professionals and customers of the deWol Industries Group. Their modern design seamlessly blends with the Group’s high-end collections of fixtures and accessories, offering a distinctive experience akin to an enchanting voyage through the essence and exquisite materials of deWol Industries products.

dewol hub/studio headquarter
/ 2024

Central to the premises are the premium collections of Italian-made designer fixtures and accessories, showcasing the Group’s dedication to providing sophisticated, top-quality architectural solutions. The collections showcased in the deWol HUB/STUDIO epitomize Italian design excellence, blending cutting-edge styles with artisanal craftsmanship to evoke a sense of innovation and aesthetic refinement.

Monobrand, Multibrand and Contractor alike discover in the deWol HUB/STUDIO the perfect setting for crafting genuine sustainable masterpieces. Situated at the heart of the Italian architectural and design scene, these venues serve as pivotal hubs for individuals looking for innovative and unique solutions in both architectural and interior design realms.
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