Promoters of a new vision in which in which windows become an integral and fundamental part of the building envelope, key elements of key elements of energy efficiency and of sustainable design.




A key goal for the deWol Industries® group is crafting windows that seamlessly blend design with high performance, reducing the environmental footprint of homes while preserving the beauty and sophistication of Italian craftsmanship. In this vision, aesthetics and functionality harmonize, reshaping windows from mere fixtures into integral components of the building envelope, championing energy efficiency and eco-conscious design. This transformative approach extends to two dedicated retail distribution channels, embodying a new paradigm in sustainability and style.


SCK Finestre Store are the destination for exclusive customers looking for exclusive window collections with Made in Italy design.

Exclusive single-brand stores focusing on window and door sales, solar shading, and energy retrofitting projects. With around 400 SCK Finestre Stores strategically located nationwide, distribution is tailored to population density, building age, and economic indicators. These window professional outlets showcase the comprehensive Hole Box system, incorporating Sciuker Frames and G.C. Infissi window collections, alongside accessories such as window screens, roller shutters, heat-insulating monoblocs and outdoor blinds from Teknika.


Customers seeking versatility will discover multi-brand retailers known for their reliability and expertise in crafting premium PVC and aluminum systems for windows, doors, and facades.

Dynamic customers can rely on multi-brand retail companies, which are known for their reliability and expertise in manufacturing high-quality PVC and aluminum systems for windows, doors, and facades. The commitment to continuous improvement and technological advancement makes Schüco an ideal partner to provide comprehensive and efficient products together. The profiles manufactured by the German company offer maximum safety and efficiency, as they fully meet the technical performance standards set by UNI EN 12608 and are certified as Class S for the Italian climate, with no toxic components. deWol Industries® and Schüco also share a mutual commitment to environmental protection. The German company, in fact, repurposes its production waste and recycles all recovered windows and doors at the end of their lifecycle. These products are 100% recyclable, crafted from rigid PVC (without toxic plasticizers), and maintain their performance for at least 30 years under standard conditions. Additionally, they bear the CE mark for the construction sector.

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